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New Patch is out. I like the paint and dyes now available. However I would like to have seen them make things even more colourful. However I suppose the designers do want a certain atmosphere.

Monkey town also looks like it will be great fun to check out at 30. I think I would have little to see them leave in the old Monkey town and add this new story as another town beside it. However nothing can be done there.

My clan has gone very quiet. I’ve been trying to finish off sector 1. Some of the quests are a bit hard to solo at the moment so I may end up going into sector 2 to the neutral areas then going back.

Patch notes under the cut.

Fallen Earth is going to have dyes soon. I like that idea.

You will be able to make the common ones and the rare will be drops. I am not sure if I like that as much. I think the rare ones should be made from rare drops also. However the developers are good so I am sure it will be fun.

Minor Respec are also incoming as well as sector 4 which will be release in small countries. I would like to have seen some more content, like little villages being added to sector 2 or 3 however the steady work is nice too.

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Say something nice to GM Carlin.

Please take heed of all the recent feedback from female/minority players about the real id scandal and while you are trying to be nice to the GMs, try not to seem like a stalker.

We like all like our community, but not wow like?

Mark your calendars!*It’s been about a year since those darn Texans attempted to invade the wastes, and clones throughout the province are preparing to celebrate their victory from the arduous battle this month!

The infamous Texas Invasion took place July 25, 2009, at which point clones throughout the Grand Canyon Province banded together to help fortify the territory and defend against the intruders. This date marked a moment in history when all clones, regardless of faction, came together in defense of mankind…or the wasteland’s resources. Whatever the reason, they were successful in their defenses and there are two names that stand out amongst the rest from that day—the clan “Brotherhood of Steel” for leading the rally, and Ishmael, a lone survivor who managed to single-handedly take out more Texans than any other clone.

On Sunday, July 25 you are invited to join all the remaining survivors in celebrating this exciting victory and saluting “Brotherhood of Steel” and Ishmael! GMs throughout the province will be distributing festive goodies as well as leftover loot the Texans left behind. Could this be the wasteland’s first official holiday since the fall? We’ll let you decide…

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I have finished linewood, done most of needle eye, some of kingman and part of pass chris.

What I have left to do in Needle eye is one boss quest that is too tough to solo and a crafting quest where I can not find canteen of water. In kingman I have some group quests left to do including the prison quests.

The plan is to finish pass chris and maybe do some of watchtower then come back to kingman, that or get a group.

Per The Franklin’s Riders alert, Wastelanders venturing to Deadfall in the coming days should be on the look-out for Outsiders and any suspicious activity.

See patch notes:

Fast Travel System
Now available for players, a limited travel system allows transport between specific barter towns once players have gained the town-specific transporter knowledge from either the Tech or Vista mission givers in the area. Because these factions are trying to improve society as a whole, none of these missions are gated based on faction.

The missions are available in New Flagstaff for Level 15 players; Trader’s Flat at Level 30; and Los Alamos at Level 47.

After securing the knowledge in New Flagstaff, players may travel from Sector Two to Watchtower in Sector One. The knowledge in Trader’s Flat allows transport from Sector Three to Sectors One and Two. The knowledge in Los Alamos allows transport from Deadfall to Trader’s Flat, as well as Sectors One and Two.

Players can only use the transport once an hour and must pay an associated chip cost.

For the Factions
The six major factions that dominate the Grand Canyon Province are making their move on the Deadfall territory! Pick a side and lead the effort to thwart the diabolical regional leaders of your enemy faction.

CHOTA: Eliminate the Enforcers and their leader, Commander Bergeron.
Enforcer: Crush the CHOTA and their leader, Vise.
Lightbearer: Thwart the Travelers and*their leader, Shark Farrow.
Tech: Decimate the Vistas and their leader, Keeper Dayton.
Traveler: Defeat the Lightbearers and their leader, Sister Steel.
Vistas: Take down the Techs and their leader, Doctor Puller.

These PvE missions start with faction NPCs in the town of Rothium Ridge. They require a minimum of 10,000 faction points to take part in.

Serendipity System
We’ve added numerous rare spawns to the world in all three sectors. These creatures show up as part of normal creature spawns and will be visible by their status as veterans and bosses that aren’t associated with missions. They’ll be similar in appearance to other creatures in the area, but will have a very good chance of dropping special items that have either a unique appearance or unusual bonuses. The strength of these items will never exceed that of something that can be crafted.

Assault Level
Grab your clan or clone mates, strap on them combat boots and get ready for Assault. This 8 vs. 8 Blood Sports match will put your offensive and defensive skills to the test—complete all four Assault level objectives while defending your team from the opposition in the shortest amount of time and score!

Weather System
Keep a lookout on the sky, there is something going on and it looks like there are storms on the horizon.

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