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There is an interview with the developers of Rohan on mmorpg.com.

The new dungeon is also mentioned in the rohan patch notes for the 19-01-10. The new dungeon is for players at the cap of 99.

Go back in time and help Ohn’s army take over Ronelia Castle from Bezemut and the Imperial Guard! Assist Ohn as he obtains the powers of the “Fountain of Creation” from Bezemut, creates the continent of R.O.H.A.N. and becomes the Main God. Or attempt to thwart Ohn’s Insurgent invasion of Ronelia by defending Ronelia and it’s Imperial Guards.

There does appear to be some content for 75 +

Dozens of new quests obtainable at level 75+ (including several that are repeatable)

The 01/19/01 patch notes can be read on the forums.

This weekend is also an increase xp weekend in Rohan.

To celebrate the recent addition of Ronelia and to reward our players for their continued support, we will be holding an increased EXP event this weekend. The increased EXP will be effective 01/23, 12:00AM to 01/24, 11:59PM.


Extra XP’s in Rohan this week.

In the U.S., Thanksgiving Day is this week! To celebrate this holiday, we want to give thanks to our players by having a Holiday Increased EXP & Doorbuster Sale! For 5 days only, we’re increasing EXP and putting many of your favorite items on sale with a 20% to 50% discount!

Lots of discounts too if you are looking to buy something. They include a 20% discount on the mounts, 20% on pets, 20% on costumes and 50% on one of the bags.

A Rohan dance,

And a luna dance 😀

If you think your starting area is pretty empty, its due to everyone being at the human starting area. The dark elf starting area is also pretty popular.

How can I get information on the game? Check the game forums. If the ones for your region are poor, check the level up boards.

The newbie diary is especially fun to read.

There is tips about portal stones, making money, bugs, forging weapons. Very handy.

If you dont get some of the comments about fishing. Fishing in the game is in its own area, not in the game world.


I got this email in my mail today. Apparently I am invited to:

The Township Battles
1 Year Anniversary Celebration
Winning Guilds from Minor Township Battles Receive
10 Million Crones and 30 Mind & Body Stones
08/03/09 – 08/07/09

Looking at the link to the rohan forums. Its part of their pvp activities. I’m not so interested but others might be.

Its a pity the game is so grind heavy. Even the Rohan Priest Guides seems to back that up. I like some grind in a game, but I also like quests. I like being able to swap between them as my mood or time to play changes.

Maybe I should find some other players and stand behind them and heal them. Soloing as a priest in Rohan might not be the right way to play.

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Ether Saga adds some new daily quests. Its also released a new dungeon a short while ago.

Luna Online releases some new costumes. They look very nice.

Perfect world has some new mounts out for a short time

Rohan has a new crafting system. I just wish they were clearer about where to go next with their quests.

Grizzleheim is on its way to wizard 101 and is on the test realms.

Atlantica Online “June Weekend Jamboree” is still on.

Mmm free music.

World of Goo Soundtrack

Some other games like Rohan and Taikodom also give you their soundtrack when you download the game. Just check the music folder in the game folder.


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Here is a screenshot for Rohan. Its a elf healer.

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Gives you a birthday hat for the date you enter as your birthday.
I’d love to play this game more but I can’t find quests nor anyone to group with for the dungeons.


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