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Atlantica Online: Fast leveling

Posted on: June 29, 2009

Leveling in Atlantica Online is pretty quick. The zones are also rather pretty. I spent some time over the weekend getting new equipment and questing. I got some new armour for my character and I am happy with her new look.

Since I am still low level I do not run out of stamina in a day. At higher levels I hear this can happen. To explain for each battle you fight, you lose one stamina. When you are out of stamina you can not fight and are finished for the day.

You can get stamina back by giving gifts. As a new player I still get some random gifts from kind strangers who are trying to get stamina back. The items are very small for them but very useful to the begininer.

The max level for the game at the moment I think is 100, but korea has a higher max level of 120 I think. Your team can be higher level than you but you all cap out at the same level in the end.

I was invited to join a free league a few times but did not want too (free leagues are like battlegrounds, you are matched by level).

There has been some talk over where the wow gamers in china should go until its back up and running. I have heard while most are going to Aion, some are also going to Atlantica Online. This is another sign of this games growing popularity and reputation for fun.

I play on the 6th server Dephi if anyone would like to say hello. This character is called Mor (‘great’ in irish, old girls name).

2 Responses to "Atlantica Online: Fast leveling"

hi, welcome to the game, its a great find. I came across it pretty much accidently, and its been about 6 months and i have still to get tired of it.

A correction on the stamina point. When you run out of stamina, the loot quantity from kills drops and the xp gain drops. You can still keep battling on as much as you want.

Also there are ways to get back stamina such as gift giving (as you mention), information sharing, resting, participating in the league, and just doing your quests!

When your over 50, it is a bit easier to run out of stamina if you just go in and attack mob after mob brainlessly. But ive hardly ever heard about people running out of stamina unless they are very hardcore grinders.

Even then, these would be the less intelligent grinders as there is a way out of that as well. You can reset quests through an NPC and quests give xp of their own, contain a decent amount of grinding opportunities and give you stamina as completion rewards in addition to loot. As you level up there are guild, nation and individual dungeons you can participate in. These dont use up any stamina, so grinders have that too.

So basically, your not penalized for being hardcore or casual, its a very well paced out system.

Max level is 120 atm, and is set to go to 130 in korea.

It also has a fascinating diversion 5 times a day called the arena, where you can bet on ai matchups to win in-game gold.

Have fun playing, and btw, put your gunner back and bring your swordie to the front.

Thanks for the advise! I will try to make that swap tonight.

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