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Check out the housing design thread for ideas or post pictures of your own house.

Roy_Eltham of the Free Realms development team gave these tips.

lso, just in case you didn’t know, there are some “advanced” mode keys for placement that might help you.
When placing an item in your house:
If you hold down CTRL (control) it will turn off the auto-aligning with the walls.
If you hold down ALT it’ll rotate around a different axis (when using the mouse wheel to rotate).
If you hold down SHIFT then it will stop the “snapping” to 5 centimeter grid.
You can use these keys in combinations as well.

Everyone automatically gets a free apartment. If you are a member you also get a free wilds house by claiming your free housing package.

The apartment starts with blue walls and a wooden floor and a stone fireplace.  It does not start with background music.  You can have up to 75 items in the apartment which is pretty nice.

You get some furniture in the house and some free furniture. The apartment has a bed with a blue cover, a green desk and a green stool. I am not 100% sure if the furniture came with the members pack.

Items for the house can be bought with coins. Some can also be bought with station cash.

The coin furniture is rather expensive, think 1000 coins for one piece.

The housing system has stolen rather nicely from EQ2.

You can get to your house in the new interface by click on the house button. I do not know if you can get there from somewhere in the world yet as I have not found it.

When you click on the apartment you appear inside it. When you click on the small wilds house you appear outside it.

With the small wilds house your pets are outside walking around. In the apartment you can summon one pet as usual.

The small wilds house can have 250 items however does not start with a free bed and desk, so you start from scratch with what you want there. Its pretty nice looking.

You can lock your house to stop people from entering it.  If you leave it unlocked friends and guildies can come visit.

All and all I like what I see and am going to have some fun tinkering with it.

LOTRO is the case study of what NOT to do when designing housing!

To be 100% honest she is right, eq2 housing blows lotro online housing out of the water.

What lotro has is a step up from games like wow, that doesn’t have housing, or runes of magic (where there is no free items for your house, so its a empty room with a chest), but miles behind EQ2 whose housing is a big draw into the game.

SWG’s housing also has a good rep, and was probably an inspiration to the fallen earth programmers when they were looking at adding social element to their game.

Wizard 101 also has a lovely housing system, you start with a free room and free items from quests or crafting and work your way up to amazing houses and items dropped from high level dungeons.

Free Realms, I really hope that you stole hugely from EQ2 (the videos suggest yes) when you designed your player housing.

More news on the housing update in free realms.

This is especially nice news.

Everyone who plays Free Realms will get a free apartment that they can live in and decorate. Members also get a free two room house complete with a yard. There is also a deluxe house that can be purchased.

Players will be able to decorate and furnish their homes as they wish, and they will also be able to invite people over for parties.

Developers are working on several cool and unique items that can be placed inside the homes, including gumball machines, jukeboxes, aquariums and fountains. Other ‘fun’ items will include stone talking heads and enormous rocket ships that launch when you tell them to!

If you are big on house parties, you’ll definitely want to check out the Mega Dance Floor and the crazy AHSA – Automatic Head Size Augmenter!

Also one of the new pets is going to be unicorns.

In the comments section for the hidden item’s post, two people went through how to make items float and stack.

Now I see Friendly also went through it in a nice way in “How do I make furniture float“.

Now you have no excuse to not have floating books and lamps.

We knew housing was coming. However the pictures look very very cool.

Major changes are coming to the pet trainer job. This is probably part of the idea of making pets more a part of the world.

As part of releasing these new pets and making pet tricks easier, they are changing the pet trainer job into a series of pet trainer trophies. With this update you will earn trophies by asking your pet to do tricks without having to switch to the pet trainer job first!

We will also get to have pets in our houses and have new types of pets like dragons and horses and little dinosaurs.

There is also mention that when you finish the pet trainer trophies that you get a pet.

an exclusive version of one of the new pet types!

Its also mentioned that if your already at level 20 you get the trophies straight away.

Item dyes are going to be added. Its nice, however it does away with some of the sets that are only different by color. Thats probably a good thing though.

Crafting is going to be added via a 2d mini game for dyes in 2010. An auction house and coin shop is on the way.

Fishing is on its way, which will be a new job, fisherman. The fish are being called humorous. Pictures show people fishing in the world without having gone into a mini game.

Also they say each mini game will have a reward wheel you can spin for prizes. Not sure if thats a good idea but its on the way. They also seem to suggest that even combat jobs will be able to be leveled by mini games. Not a bad idea.

We’re even making changes that will let you level ALL of your jobs more quickly and easily just by playing the minigames.

There is a Wizard 101 housing competition on facebook.

It’s easy to enter, just become a fan by clicking “Become a Fan” at the top, and post 1 screenshot per Wizard101 account in the Wizard101 Housing Contest event by Tuesday, October 20. You may take screenshots of any area of your house, inside or outside. Players under 13 may email us their entry at community@wizard101.com with the subject line “Wizard101 Housing Contest.” Make sure you include in the caption:
• “Wizard101 Housing Contest”
• Your character’s name in game (Example: Fiona LionHeart)
• Your school of magic
• Your level
• What type of housing (Dorm, Wooded Cottage, Forested Mansion, Oasis Camp, Desert Villa, Metropolitan Manor, Royal Estate, Tranquil Cottage, Imperial Palace, Great Citadel, or Grand Fortress)

The wishing well from the test realm will not go live. This was due to it teaching kids to gamble (which is banned in a lot of countrys).

Also you can win potion refills? Cool. I never seem to use mine, I don’t think I can see the bottle in dungeons.

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