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Check out the patch notes

– New Event: A history event for Tomb Sweeping Day (Qingming Festival) will occur on April 5th. Talk to Pumpkin Farmer on April 5th to begin the event
– New Event: Search For the Puppy – The Traveling Monk is trying to research some mechanized puppies he’s seen recently. However, he needs your help to capture them. Talk to the monk to get a magical sensor that will point you in the general direction of the puppies. The magic of the sensor is drained after each use, so you’ll have to wait until it’s fully charged before it will locate the puppies. You’ll be rewarded with Event Tokens for completion. You can do this event once per day

Also Loonie has said

We are planning GM events for Easter

Pokari citizens, heed the call! Roor the Hunter has noticed a lot of inexperienced adventurers running around Pokari with pets who look untrained for combat. Shaking his head in disgust, Roor has created a contest: who can make the best video to guide the new adventurers of the next generation on how to train your pet.

Due when?
April 26th

The forum thread for the competition will probably have the videoes too, if you want to watch them. You should also be able to find them by searching youtube for ether saga.

ESO is celebrating its one year old anniversary event.

Make sure you log in for one hour this week

The Anniversary Giveaway is a free giveaway where we will be mailing out the prizes to players, so be sure to clear your mailbox! How can you be a part of the giveaway? Your account must be created prior to March 11th and login during next week, (Monday March 15th to Friday March 19th) for at least one hour at a given session. This means that you have to stay logged in for at LEAST one hour on any of those given days. Everyone who meets those two requirements will receive a Rapid Raptor Transformation Card.

Also they are giving out pets!

In addition, if you created a character and logged in one month after the game was released, between March 17th and April 17th 2009 you will receive a Rapid Raptor Pet as well as the Transformation Card. Only one character per account will receive the prizes. The pets will not be given to alt accounts even if they were all created prior to April 17th, 2009, one per person.

You can read the v241 patch notes on the perfect world blog.

There is also a funny post asking for the kiss emote to be brought back for married players.

There is also a fashion design event for ether saga that is due on march 31st.

Also have you looked at joining the wiki and guides team?

I’m not a huge fan of the ether saga website redesign, but it does match a lot more the perfect world website.

Check out the lost worlds preview. Very snazzy.

The mystical lands of the Lost Worlds, long hidden from the mortal plane have reappeared! Zeon the Elder (-690, -480) in Dizzet has unlocked the way into the Lost Worlds. Only adventurers above level 90 will be able to explore the Lost Worlds.

Be aware that danger lurks within the Lost Worlds, but there are promises of rich rewards, ranging from experience, spirit and items. If you are ready to take on the challenge, talk to Zeon.

You can now buy something for the griffin in order to use it as a flying combat mount.

Just one month ago the Griffins took flight through the skies of Pokari. While relegated to just looking pretty and acting as a transport, their true potential is finally here! Hop onto your Griffin and unleash it’s true power with the Jade of Warfare.

The skies will never be the same again as the Jade of Warfare will enable the Glide Griffin to be upgraded. You can upgrade your Griffin by using two Celestone of Speed into a Glide Griffin. You can then upgrade your Glide Griffin into a Warbeast Griffin with a Jade of Warfare. The Warbeast Griffin will be combat available in the air and it will get a bonus of accuracy +20. The Jade of Warfare is a permanent addition to the game.

Lunar new year is running till the 28th.

Quest Starter: Ziola (February 13th – 28th)

Details: Kill 5 Monsters the same level as your character to get Red Silk. After killing the mobs, speak to Ziola to end the quest. You have to be level 90 to get the quest.

After completeing the quest, “Chinese Knot” is automatically received.
Details: Just wait 5 Minutes then speak to Ziola again.
Rewards the player with 5 Chinese Knot boxes. Possible rewards include:
1. Dragon Slayer Essence Debris
2. Natural Stone
3. New Year Firework
4. Starry Sky Firework
5. Double EXP (1HR) Token
6. Orb of Dominance
7. A Pet’s Esteem Ver2.0
8. Jadeon of Soul[3Hr]
9. Possessor[1Day]
10. +9 Stone of Peace

Check out the  Dark Notturno mount too. This is the one that was designed in the design a mount competition.

You can look at pictures of the new griffin mount on the website.

The Griffins have arrived in the world of Ether Saga. Take a ride on the mystical creature that will zip through the skies. This is also the first mount that features an slight appearance change when you upgrade it with the celestone. So not can you speed it up, but you can change the looks of it!

You can also check out the facebook event.

There is also 3 days left in the Ether saga art competition.

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