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There is an interview with the developers of Rohan on mmorpg.com.

The new dungeon is also mentioned in the rohan patch notes for the 19-01-10. The new dungeon is for players at the cap of 99.

Go back in time and help Ohn’s army take over Ronelia Castle from Bezemut and the Imperial Guard! Assist Ohn as he obtains the powers of the “Fountain of Creation” from Bezemut, creates the continent of R.O.H.A.N. and becomes the Main God. Or attempt to thwart Ohn’s Insurgent invasion of Ronelia by defending Ronelia and it’s Imperial Guards.

There does appear to be some content for 75 +

Dozens of new quests obtainable at level 75+ (including several that are repeatable)

If you want to see the patch notes for the December update with the school houses its on the wizard 101 website.

Friendly also has a lot of screenshots on his website.

Basic facts on the houses:

These houses will have space for 250 items outside and 250 items inside! These houses do count towards your total of three houses per character, so players who already have three houses will have to sell one in order to purchase one of these School themed houses.

This housing will be available soon through the SHOP button on your Screen, under the Housing Icon. These houses are priced at 10 000 Crowns, or 100 000 Gold per house.

We will be bringing down Champions Online on Friday, November 13 from 3AM to 5AM PST in order to perform maintenance and apply a new patch. We will update this thread once this maintenance has been completed. The latest patch notes and known issues can be found here. Thank you, The Champions Online Team

This patch is comprised of about three weeks of bug fixes. Read on for details about which bugs have been fixed!

You can read the latest champions online patch notes here.

Unfortunately for me, my gadgeter seems to have discovered a new bug or one not fixed. Her brand new pets will not summon and since it was not the last power she learned she cant unlearn it for free.

I do not get why champions online do not allow anything you learn to be unlearned for free. The game is so buggy and so new.

Jade dynasty has updated.

Patch #63 (aka – “How the refinery event almost killed me…”)

U.S. release – September 17, 2009:
The quest – “Mystic Tome” is now back in the game, along with the Predatory Hornets needed to complete it. Quest rewards can be Taichi Pills and/or Merit Incense.
Players on The Billows server should no longer randomly change Realms when logging out to the character select screen.
New server, Wildlands (PvP) added to the list of servers for USA-EAST

Behind the scenes changes to prepare for the upcoming addition of Ascension.
Added Sacred Treasure, which contains random prizes including the Iron Draco Skyblade, Wedding Packs, Celebeans and Portal Charms.
Added a Makeover Box that allows you to change your character’s face and hairstyle.
Added Octopus chat smileys
Removed Heavenly Note

Remember the pets update is now live.

If you have not already done so, log in and claim your pet for every character over level 20. Visit Farouk in Alker Harbor to start the quest.

The full patch notes can be read.

Also the pet FAQ.

Please note that saphars has posted his bug

Please Note: Due to bugs we were unable to resolve before bringing the servers back online, pets cannot currently use pet gear or resurrection scrolls. If your pet dies, you will be unable to use it again until the next maintenance.

West karana has all the news on the update today.

The full patch notes are also on the Wizard 101 website.

I had not heard about second chances, a nice idea and a gold sink.

Introducing Second Chances
Have you ever battled your way through a tough dungeon, only to be disappointed that you didn’t receive the reward for your School? Well now players can pay a small fee to get a second chance at what’s in the creatures pockets! Many final boss encounters will contain a chest in the room that offers players a second chance to get the item they wanted off the creature they just defeated. Simply use the chest after your initial duel, pay a few Crowns and you are given a second chance at the exact same rewards the boss drops normally. These chests can only be used a certain number of times per day per character.

Actually with mounts and seamstresses and this, you could call this the patch of the gold sink! Watch all your money go away on these cool new items.

Update: It did not click with me but crowns is the cash shop money (real money) so second chances are not that useful. Friendly has a post where he tried out the second chance feature.

Some new patch notes out.

The funniest note was

After careful consideration, and much consultation with Medusa, Psimon has come to the conclusion that it would be better tactics for him to use his power, Reflective Psionic Shield, to protect HIMSELF, rather than his enemies. As an act of cross – villain good will, he has passed this idea on to the VIPER Psionic Directors.

Update Notes for May 20th/21st

* Pets will stay happy, clean and fed for longer and will also find collection and mining nodes more often


They have also released new members quests which should be fun. I’m guessing in a month or so they will move the first amount of members quests to non member quests.

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