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As you may have heard Earth Eternal ran out of money. They had mentioned that the company was up for sale.

Good news for its players as apparently they have had offers.

Hi everyone,

We received multiple offers for Earth Eternal and our creditors are evaluating them now (it’s their decision which to accept rather than ours). They expect to make a decision on Tuesday as to which to accept.

I would expect the game and forums to stay up, btw, so you guys shouldn’t have to worry about EE just up and disappearing. Good news!

I had not found this a bad game, per say, I just at the time had other games I liked more.

There has been a new area added to the game. You can read the full patch notes on the forum.

Island of Bastion: Anubians have invaded the island of Bastion! New players will start off on a small encampment over looking the battle and will be tasked to help defend against the Anubian invasion. Even Vet players should check it out, we used a lot of new tech that will be making its way into the game

They have also added an easy method to tell if gear is good.

Item Rarities: Equipment and items are now sorted by rarities. You can tell how rare a piece of equipment is by looking at the color of the item text.
Gray – Trash Item (safe to sell to vendors)
White – Standard Item (also includes crafting components)
Green – Good Item (useful to players)
Blue – Superior Item (rare and more powerful)
Purple – Epic (Very rare and extremely powerful)

There is also now a client download along with the browser version.

If you did not see their april fools notes, they are funny.

Earth Eternal have a new dungeon out called “The Down Below”.

The Down Below is a challenge for a group of 5 adventurers in the 33-36 level range and can be found deep in Midlands on the border of New Badari and Grunes Tal.

Illia Baro had been digging for months deep in the heart of Midlands. Ancient rumors of a long forgotten castle, hidden beneath the dirt and full of knowledge and treasures of times before the great Bleakness. Every night her team dug deeper and deeper hoping to uncover the secrets that lay down below. As luck would have it, on one cold morning they uncovered what was thought to be a single stone from the ruins. They had found their castle, and within weeks had uncovered the entrance, far below the ground.

As Illia drew closer to the entrance, a coldness, colder than death crept through her bones. Her companions gathered with her and together they swung open the giant castle gates. As the mighty gates flung open, a darkness enveloped the entire group. The gates shattered into a million pieces and the word around Illia went dark.

Several hours had passed. She awoke to find herself in the dirt, injured but alive. She turned to look at her companions, but found only bones. As Illia ran back to her camp, A cackling laughter erupted from the ruins of the Castle down below. Illia turned to see, the veil of darkness enveloping the night sky had been shattered and hanging in the night sky above the Castle ruins, the shattered remains of the Moon could be seen.

If you play eternal earth you might want to check out the social pages update.

Clans get their own profile page.

Clan Pages have the following features:
-Clan Leaders can edit important info such as clan rules, mission statement, allies and enemies!
-Clans get their very own private clan forums!
-Track your clans Kill vs. Death ratio, Average number of quests completed, Race/Class breakdown and much more!
-View a complete roster of all clan members.

Also there is forums for clans.

Added Clan Forums. If user is member of a clan, they will see a forum category for that clan. Each category contains two forums: “Clan News” and “Clan Chat”.

Read more at : Web Update Profile Pages and Clan pages

I’m not sure if the NDA is down on this one.

The winter dawning festival is on at the moment.

Tis the Season so they say and the Beasts of Earth Eternal are getting into the Holiday Spirit! It’s time for the Winter Dawning Festival! A holiday of giving gifts, merry making, and of course Evil Snowmen!

But not everyone is in such a festive mood. Stories are told to young of a terrible creature named Grindle who sneaks into the houses of young boys and girls who don’t behave and steals their precious Winter Dawning Gifts! But could there be a bit of truth to this old tale? Festival Marshals in the capital cities will send you on a quest to save Winter Dawning from the evil Grindlel!

You’ll need all the help you can get! Grindle’s minions, the dreaded Chill Lords and Chillkins have descended upon Earth to cause trouble for the Beasts. Slay these foes to earn Corn Cob Pipes that can be redeemed for Holiday Candy Cane weapons!

These Winter terrors also drop handy-dandy Snowballs, perfect for throwing at your friends or enemies! Simply loot the snowballs, target your prey, and right click to let loose a flurry of cold winter justice.

They are also giving out gifts.

And since it’s the season of giving, all players receive a free Winter Dawning Festival gift! Visit a Holiday Gift Giver in any of the capital cities to receive your exclusive, one time only gift!

Read the lore yet?

You can download the Earth Eternal lore pdf here. The pdf ends with the beginning of the age of beasts, which is a pity because I would have like to hear some things about the age of beasts.

The game is now in open beta if you would like to try it. It will be browser based and free to play.

Just a quick reminder from West Karana

But to repeat — the new, free, browser-based, anthropomorphic MMO from Sparkplay has just finished up its closed beta and is trundling steadily toward open. But if you were one of the lucky few to get into the closed beta, you can get into the open beta starting…. tomorrow, Thursday.

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