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I didn’t spend a huge amount of time gaming this weekend.

Wizard 101 and did a few quests.
Guild wars. I am very slowly making money and mats. I am not strong enough to move forward in the eye of the north area missions or locate the new mission area in prophecies. I don’t currently want to do the other campaigns on this character and don’t want to speak too much time leveling my other alts until I can finish it on my warrior. So its grind, which I sometimes am in the mood to do but not so much this week.
Lotro. Mostly just playing my minstrel (no current gaming plan) and guardian (approaching 20).
Mabinogi eu. Spent only a short time playing this. I am in a part where I am dieing a lot so its hard to know what to do next to stop that.
Littlebigplanet. Spent most of Saturday playing this game with 3 friends. Super fun on the ps3. The little toons are cute and so customizable. The puzzles are interesting and seem balanced.

Cool gift for those that log in on Saturday.

Dear Mabinogians,

We thank you for your long waiting for the official launch at all times and understand how hard to level up without any character cards.
So we arrange a surprise gift on this Saturday for you!

If you login to the game on this Saturday, April 10th, you will receive an Event Rebirth Card on Wednesday, April 14th.
You will find the gift in the login lobby after the server maintenance.

Reference below for more details.

– Event Date: Saturday, April 10th, 2010
– Reward Provide: Wednesday, April 14th, 2010, after the server maintenance

This is an ONE TIME SPECIAL event so don’t miss this Saturday!

Thank you again for your continuous support and love towards Mabinogi Europe and we hope you have a great weekend!

P.S. To take part in this event, you MUST log into the game AFTER 0:00 AM (GMT+2) on Saturday! If you remain online from that day before, your login log won’t be recorded.

– Mabinogi Europe Staff –

Check out the mabinogi comic.

If you plan on composing in mabinogi, this composing guide may help you.

Mabingogi eu has a double xp event weekend.

Date March 12th Friday – March 14th Sunday 2010
Time 20:00 PM – 22:00 pm (gmt+1)

Thats good news. I was playing this game for a while last night. Its a fun game and quite different so I enjoy jumping in and out of it for variance.

If you have not seen the generation 2 patch is out for mabinogi eu.

I also found this excellent rebirth guide on the forum.

If you clear Generation 1’s mission to save goddess morrigan before March 17th you can win extra prizes.

You can read the details on the eu mabinogi website.

You need 1 green gem, 1 red gem and 1 blue gem for the pet event.

I got 1 green gem just by handing in the small gems for the quest from the inn keeper and got the red gem as a drop from the second dungeon quest from the grocery store guy.

I now just need 1 blue gem. Apparently mimics drop them a lot. I am not sure which method I will try for to get it.

I also found this guide to titles in mabinogi that you might find helpful if you want to collect them.

It runs until the 6th of February. Hand in one green, one blue and one red gem to Mr Duncan. First 100 on each server each day get a pet.

I have started trying for a pet. I have only one green gem so far as I have not played for much since open beta. However this is reachable so I must try to play more before the event is over.

You can read more about the pet event on the event section of the website.

You can read about the mabinogi eu update on the website.

The storyline has been updated to make it easier to play though. The difficulty has also been lower for the roleplaying dungeons.

Also check out the wishing tree. Your wish may come true.

The mabinogi eu closed beta is over. However open beta will start up next year.

If you were not in the closed beta, look out for this and try the open beta. Mabinogi has a very good rep from the us version of the game and its a very open game world. It also has a nice gathering and crafting system.

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