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There is a fishing competition running this week in luna online.

The river running through the Alker Farm Region has become polluted! Too many of the Blue Land’s heroes are dumping their trash in this once pristine river, causing the garbage to pile up. At this rate, soon the fish won’t be able to survive in these disgusting waters, and it’s up to every adventurer with a fishing pole to save the day!

The Nera Royal Research Center is offering rewards to any Blue Land residents that fish Shiny Garbage out of the Alker Farm Region. The first 10 players to do so each day will receive a Pet Costume Box that rewards one random 30-day pet costume item. Best of all, every player that fishes up a shining garbage during the event period will automatically be entered in a raffle to win an advanced pet of their choice. Advanced pets are just like normal pets, but are guaranteed to start with 4 skill slots, and are the only pets able to acquire the maximum 6 skill slots!

When and Where?

Both Servers – Alker Farm Region
Tuesday, March 9th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Wednesday March 10th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Thursday March 11th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Friday March 12th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Saturday March 13th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Sunday March 14th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST

How to Participate?

Head to the Alker Farm Region, grab a fishing pole and some bait from Fishercat, and start fishing! Fishing results will be recorded and announced the following day.

How to fish?
Check this post

I hit 20 in the Fishing job over the weekend in Free Realms. I got the fishing expert collection and one of the large ones. So I have a golden fish trophy in my apartment and a purple one in my wilds house.

I found it got pretty ok for making coins, that and the price decrease for furniture means that both houses have a decent amount of furniture in them now.

My wild house now has a bathroom area, a bedroom area, a kitchen and a dinning/tv area. I still need to buy the tv and the shower though as they are expensive.

There is also a bait that members can use that increases your chance of earning treasure chests. Treasure chests can have coins or weapons or armor. Weapons and armor can also be sold for coins.

I find the non combat jobs are easier and more fun to level than the combat jobs. However I do like mixing it up. I just must jump into instances more with my ninja job. Its level 14 now so it is slowly getting there.

The new fishing job in free realms is fun. I enjoy the game and love watching the fish swimming.

Its not a great money maker however, fish are worth between 1 ad 7 coins and it takes 1000-3000 coins to buy furniture.

I was able to afford one piece of furniture yesterday, not good when I have two houses to furnish.

I still think they completely went to far which squashing how to make money in the game. However that may be due to I don’t like making money by battling.

Free Realms Developer chat is out that covers the new fishing minigame.

There will be some sort of leveling/skill ups involved.

Taylor: That is a lot of fish! Can you catch them all just starting out as a new fisherman?
Reed: Nope, you’ll need to practice a whole lot and really get your fishing skills up to snuff before you can catch the more elusive fish.

They also confirmed that other things beyond fish can be caught, however we expected as much. No word on what yet, perhaps costumes, transformation potions, maybe if we are lucky something like a mount or pet?

Lures will be used to catch specific fish

Taylor: I see. Can you tell me about these lures you have in your tackle box?
Reed: I sure can. Lures help you catch a specific fish. For example, if you are looking for a Chipsen Fish, you’d want to use a Thorn Jig. The lure will last for 30 minutes and it will improve your chances of catching the exact fish that you want. All the information about lures is in your Tackle Box, which is a new ability just for Fishing.

No word on where we will get the lures, I’d guess from coins myself rather than finding them or crafting them.

There is also a video out on a bouncing game that lets you travel around, however it seems to be down at the moment.

Update: The bouncing video is in the news section of the free realms website.

We knew housing was coming. However the pictures look very very cool.

Major changes are coming to the pet trainer job. This is probably part of the idea of making pets more a part of the world.

As part of releasing these new pets and making pet tricks easier, they are changing the pet trainer job into a series of pet trainer trophies. With this update you will earn trophies by asking your pet to do tricks without having to switch to the pet trainer job first!

We will also get to have pets in our houses and have new types of pets like dragons and horses and little dinosaurs.

There is also mention that when you finish the pet trainer trophies that you get a pet.

an exclusive version of one of the new pet types!

Its also mentioned that if your already at level 20 you get the trophies straight away.

Item dyes are going to be added. Its nice, however it does away with some of the sets that are only different by color. Thats probably a good thing though.

Crafting is going to be added via a 2d mini game for dyes in 2010. An auction house and coin shop is on the way.

Fishing is on its way, which will be a new job, fisherman. The fish are being called humorous. Pictures show people fishing in the world without having gone into a mini game.

Also they say each mini game will have a reward wheel you can spin for prizes. Not sure if thats a good idea but its on the way. They also seem to suggest that even combat jobs will be able to be leveled by mini games. Not a bad idea.

We’re even making changes that will let you level ALL of your jobs more quickly and easily just by playing the minigames.

Handy Fishing Guide.

This guide can be found on the forums in the Gameplay guide section. It has a lot of pictures so I recommend taking a look at it.

You can fish in the fishing area of Alker Harbor. To fish you need a few things: a fishing pole and bait which can be bought from the Fisherman NPC.

The Fishercat NPC looks like a cat man in a top hat. Apparently he is at 247,269 at Alker Harbor in the farm section.

Press S for your skill window and double click on the fishing icon. Once the fishing window pops up and you have enough bait and a fishing pole in your inventory you can start the fishing mini-game. Make sure you are standing at the correct spot.

The mini-game involves hitting the LEFT SIDE CTRL key as it moves down a bar. If you hit the right spot then you catch the fish.

Note: Weather can have an effect of what you catch or if you catch anything at all.

After using up all your bait or getting tired of fishing you can turn in the fishes to the fisherman npc for fish points which can be used to purchase special items from the npc.

According to the thread the items you fish up are not just for fishing. Also hitting the bar makes it more likely to catch a fish.
Fishing can be rather expensive to do.

I have read, fishing on a windy day will increase your chance of catching a specific type of fish while casting your line in a typhoon means you’re more likely to catch other items set awash by the storm.

The type of water is also believed to affect what you catch. There is calm water, wavy water and bright water. Bright being the best for catching shiny junk and calm the worst for gold and silver fish.

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