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Good news for this weekend for anyone checking out aion.

Greetings Daevas,

Who’s ready for another Double Experience Weekend?! That’s right! It’s time to once again stock up on caffeinated products in preparation for a weekend without sleep. This Friday, February 26th, at 7:00 p.m GMT, we will enable double experience on all European servers. The experience bonus will run through the weekend before ending on Monday at 7:00 a.m. GMT.

Clear your schedule and get yourself ready for some double experience goodness! J

-The Aion Community Team

The slug thrower looks interesting.

There is also a party Saturday from the massively folks.

Saturday, February 27 at 9 p.m. EST (GMT -5).

Not decided. Vote here


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I was playing lotro last night. There had been some guild drama so it was very quiet.

I had tried to do book 2 volume 10 but that had ended in minstrel death.

I was running around the Lone lands doing some deeds. I came across a level 60 monster? Why is it there? How odd.

I did however make some nice silver farming the monsters. Made about 500 silver from killing gore crows, worgs and orcs. I also reached level 32. I found some missed quests, some of which I can solo now, some I can’t.

I spent some of the skirmish tokens and upgraded my guardian a bit but did not end up playing a skirmish. I should tonight as the bonus xp is going away soon.


When and where?

This event will occur on Friday, February 26th at 11AM Pacific (2PM Eastern) on Raging Tide server, and at 3PM Pacific on Heaven’s Tear server.

Check if your character level matches a rally point and make sure you go to that one when the gm announces it.

Just a reminder of the time double xp starts at.

Thursday, Feb 25:
Doom Bog: At the end of server maintenance, estimate = 1 a..m. Pacific Time
Billows/Wildlands: At the end of server maintenance, estimate = 4 a.m. Eastern Time
Shura: At the end of server maintenance, estimate = 10 a.m. Amsterdam

If your playing champions, thinking of playing champions or thinking of resubbing, there is a new state of the game article for you to read.

I thought it sounds like they are thinking of going the dnd or guild wars ways with the adventure packs here, however do they know that people only buy those in f2p games? CO is currently a subscription based game, so I can’t see why those players would pay for more content like that.

Expansions are one thing, hmm well who knows.

Adventure Packs
Our focus in the near term will be on creating adventure packs that can be experienced by heroes at nearly any level. We want to put out new stories and experiences that as many players as possible can experience and that also provide alternate ways to grow your hero. These are very themed in story and will be set all around the Champions universe and feature villains both new and established.

I suppose I did preorder the lotro mirkwood download for the free goat and the lower level to get a mount.

Codemasters has a landscape screenshot competition. Make sure you read the rules if you do want to enter.

Calling all players with an eye for landscapes! We want to see your best landscape pictures from The Lord of the Rings Online for a chance to win a beautiful hardback book, “Lost Worlds” by artist John Howe, renowned Tolkien illustrator, kindly donated by Macmillan.

One first place winner will receive a Lost Worlds book and a Codemasters Goodie bag. Nine runners up will receive a Lost Worlds Book and a Lord of the Rings Online poster.

When is it due?
2nd March, 2010

How many can I enter?
One image per entry, multiple entries are allowed.

Who do I sent them to?
Send your entries into lotrocompetition@codemasters.com with the subject line “Lost Worlds and Landscapes Contest”

Can I photoshop?
Photo-shopping is not permitted other than to resize to a smaller resolution.

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