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1-5 dungeons

Bear Cave Northeast of Highroad Junction
Bixie Hive West of Sanctuary
Cracked Claw Caverns West part of Blackspore Swamp
Cursed Graveyard Northwest of Stillwater Crossing
Hot Springs Haven Northwest part of Snowhill
King of the Ring! Center of Crossroads
Sheep Watch Southwest of Crossroads
Tavern Cellar West-Northwest of Highroad Junctio

There is also some little mobs fights that the combat job quests point you too. I am trying to mix them up however as doing the same fight over and over gets rather dull (rather like end game blues?)

Free Realms Insider has talked about the new jobs that are due to be released in July.

Apparently we should expect a Pro Racer job in the next update. Also likely is a Soccer Player job and the first “Prestige Class” job called a Mechanic.

Prestige Classes are Jobs that are allowed when a player has a certain job already to 20. Or several jobs to 20.

Now would be a good time pick up the racer jobs if you have not done so.

Reference: E3 2009: Racing updates zoom into Free Realms


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I’m not sure if I mentioned but I finally hit level 20 as a pet trainer in free realms. I’m now max level in post master and pet trainer and level 18 in cook.

The last quests as a pet trainer is pretty nice. The little graduation hat for your cat or dog is very cute too. Mine is wearing that, the 1 million player shirt and the celebration shampoo in the picture.

I’m finding leveling the non combat jobs more fun that leveling the fighting jobs, however I see the fighting jobs level themselves as I do random quests around the world.

Last battle in merry vale anyone? (fantastic quest) Or the dungeon for the quest chain the the museum with the changlings (also brillant fun).

I’ve seen a few people running around as level 20 ninjas and I have to say they look very cool. My ninja job is only level 9 or so (still havent done the uber difficult level 10 ninja quest). However I do have a full set of purple ninja clothes 😀

Now if they only would let ninjas run on water. That should be their level 20 power. I’d run everwhere by river if that was the case.

Current Job Levels in Free Realm

Adventurer 11
Brawler 4
Card Duelist 1
Chef 18
Demo Derby Driver 1
Kart Driver 1
Miner 8
Ninja 9
Pet Trainer 14
Postman 20

I haven’t picked up any of the member jobs yet on my main. I tried archer and figher on an alt. I was worried that if I went from member to f2p the character would be locked. I’m thinking about getting them anyway as I’m unlikely to give up membership for at least 3 months and its more likely the member job/gear would be locked.

This post has a brief description of where the location of the tutors are.

Update: master list of jobs and trainers

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