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If you log into ROM today you can get a bonus pet and 100 rubies.

All players logging in today will receive a truly exclusive Birthday Companion pet! A useful little friend, raising your drop chances once a day! Then there’s the 100 Rubies for free give-away. Should you not have logged in since yesterday, you better do. Everyone logging in will receive 100 Rubies once for every server with a level 11 character on.

Also bonus xp this weekend

Additionally all players will gain Triple XP from monster kills and quests and Triple TP for all monsters slain this weekend! Monster hunting never paid better.

I have not played this game in ages, since the launcher corrupted and I did not bother to download it again. I should download it today and pick up this prizes.

Looking at their website I see that the seriously uncool mostly naked women are there. Uber fail.

A very nice video of holiday images from Runes of Magic.

The art is also rather nice in their advent calender.

Rom has the expansion on its way. According to freemmogamer is due september 15.

I’ve not played this game recently much, as I have been having more fun elsewhere. However at some point I might be back to it.

Update:  Looks like the pinoy version is out soon. Mmotaku doesn’t like the more realistic version of the female characters. I like that, however I hate the art work of some of the female characters (the usual boobs and chain mail bikinis) and the rubbish clothes (underwear wtf?). Looks like so far their art direction as no one happy.  More options might solve it at some point.

Crazy rough week so gaming time has been limited.

I have been playing Pokemon Platiumn and its fun. The last pokemon game I played was yellow (I had also played red and blue) but ended up getting the GBD for this.  Its a lot of fun.  Its good for small amounts, it works well when I’m traveling, its fun on a lunch break. I don’t know all the new pokemon so its fun to see them. The guide book is huge and very cool. Its the size of a phone box. One badge down, and a variety of pokemon being leveled.

Played a little bit of Free Realms. I’m mostly doing quests at the moment with some mini games for fun. I still have not managed to max out another job class.  There is already talk from E4 about the new jobs on the way and new minigames.  However I think the content they are releasing at the moment is enough to keep me amused.

Runes of Magic I haven’t logged into in a while. I like the game but I’ve been distracted by other games.

Eve, finished the trial today I think. Have not played it since monday. Its a lot of fun. I might subscribe for a month. I don’t really like the timed pick up of quests though. It does not work with my gaming < real life priorities.

Hating work at the moment, too much drama, too much hamburger management, not enough smart thinking about the job.

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I love the oversided beetles in runes of magic. They are super cool. I hope someday there is a mount sized one so my character can travel around on one. I’d also accept an oversized one as a pet.

However for now I can watch them scamper about and fly.

New mounts in Runes of Magic for a short while.

I have some diamonds currently. I might get one for an alt but I was hoping to catch the unicorn mount at some point when it was in the cash shop.

Runes of magic has a survey on their economy (or the auction house and diamond trading).

Not the best sign in the world that they are looking for player input via a survey on the matter. Especially since its been discussed all over world chat and in guilds and on the forums.

For now it seems like they are stopping items being sold for diamonds. Well thats not going to make many folks happy. Especially since most people stopped bother to sell anything in gold and the diamonds have x10 in price in the last few months.

“Up until now it was possible to put items up for sale against diamonds in the Auction House. We intend to deactivate this feature on the 27 May 2009 for a yet undetermined period of time for testing purposes. Please note that the last day you will be able to put up items for auction against Diamonds will be Wed. 27 May 2009.”

I predict that diamonds will rise even more in price verses gold and no one will still have any use for gold.

Last count on my server, I had 500,000g and the top person had 40,000,000 gold.

Wondering how to take a screenshot without having to go to an image software and paste it? Wondering how to get rid of the UI for a screenshot?

Spinks has found out how and saved us!

Screenshot f12
Remove UI f10.

Now if only someone knows where my runes of magic screenshots go in Vista.

Rohan unicorn

Runes of Magic
Rom Unicorn

I’d need to level an elf in Rohan. Very doable as I’m still low level on my dragon girl.

In ROM I have to wait for them to be back in the cash shop and then I’ll buy one for my multiboxing pair. Yipee!

Reached level 16 knight/15 warrior

I am farming the materials for the second level 15 elite skill. Going to take me a while this week to gather it all.

Bought a nice blue armour set. Top looks a bit dumb but not hugely dump. It really does look like a top rather than armour, but its not a bikini.

Was very disapointed by the costumes added to the game. The developers are really showing they don’t get female players. Which is disappointing with so many european gamers being female. I can avoid their terrible item designs at the moment, but if it really starts to annoy me I’ll just move game.

I’m enjoying a few games at the moment, so it would not be too tough to make the move.

Playing this week

  • Guild Wars
  • Disgaia 3