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Wizard 101: Hidden items to add to your house

Posted on: September 3, 2009

Some things for me to pick up when playing tonight.

In wizard city shopping center pet shop there is a small door housing item.

The Harvest Lord, there was an open book on the floor of his room that I was able to collect, and then the stack of books came from yet another instanced encounter in wizard city.

Brain Jar in Wizard City in the Haunted Cave in Lord Nightshade’s Tower. http://wizard101.wikia.com/wiki/Category_talk:Hous


9 Responses to "Wizard 101: Hidden items to add to your house"

i dont understand how to stack rugs and things like that

first put a giant rug somewhere and then
put long blue runners to go out as far as you want (depends on how many rugs you have)
and if you want them to get high same thing but put (wooden boxes) in beetween (every single rug)

HOPE I HELPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I AM DYLAN SKULLBREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

get some checkers. stack them on each other. get a rug. put the rug on the checkers.take the checkers out.keep on doing it.
there you have it!

you get half dotted rug from the bazzar and then get a regular rug and you put the rug on top of the half rug.then you keep on doing it

[…] In the comments section for the hidden item’s post, two people went through how to make items float and […]

there is an obelisk in dragonspyre by the hat shopkeeper

are there any secret hidden item shops besides the one in krokotopia?, please answer this question.

Not that I know of dustin.

I know a secret spell shop its in currise bulivard it is located at the first empty circle that you come to its near penny or what ever her name is. Look down the ally that has a house go up to it and press x and you should see a witch standing there and she sells spells. Hope this helps. Ps. My name is caleb redblood I am usually at krokotopia or at tritan,firecat,or cyclops avenue. Look for me

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