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We knew housing was coming. However the pictures look very very cool.

Major changes are coming to the pet trainer job. This is probably part of the idea of making pets more a part of the world.

As part of releasing these new pets and making pet tricks easier, they are changing the pet trainer job into a series of pet trainer trophies. With this update you will earn trophies by asking your pet to do tricks without having to switch to the pet trainer job first!

We will also get to have pets in our houses and have new types of pets like dragons and horses and little dinosaurs.

There is also mention that when you finish the pet trainer trophies that you get a pet.

an exclusive version of one of the new pet types!

Its also mentioned that if your already at level 20 you get the trophies straight away.

Item dyes are going to be added. Its nice, however it does away with some of the sets that are only different by color. Thats probably a good thing though.

Crafting is going to be added via a 2d mini game for dyes in 2010. An auction house and coin shop is on the way.

Fishing is on its way, which will be a new job, fisherman. The fish are being called humorous. Pictures show people fishing in the world without having gone into a mini game.

Also they say each mini game will have a reward wheel you can spin for prizes. Not sure if thats a good idea but its on the way. They also seem to suggest that even combat jobs will be able to be leveled by mini games. Not a bad idea.

We’re even making changes that will let you level ALL of your jobs more quickly and easily just by playing the minigames.

Friendly Necromancer reported on the full announcement of the changes.

The major two are nerfed bosses (with power pips) and more crafting materials available (more spawn points and from mini games).

There will be an update to Wizard101 July 8th at 3am Central US Time that will include the following important updates!

Enhanced Boss Encounters Update
The bosses of the Spiral have been taught a lesson by Merle Ambrose, and they will no longer interrupt your combat! All the Enhanced Boss Battles are back to normal, but the bosses have kept their knowledge of Power Pips, and they will earn and use Power Pips just like a Wizard.

Reagents have been added as rewards for Mini Games!
The reagents needed for Treasure Cards have been reduced, most notably the number of Treasure Card ingredients needed to create the final Treasure Card.
The descriptions for some of the Craft-able Items were incomplete and should now reflect all the bonuses the items grant the player.

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