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Posted on: December 16, 2009

LOTRO is the case study of what NOT to do when designing housing!

To be 100% honest she is right, eq2 housing blows lotro online housing out of the water.

What lotro has is a step up from games like wow, that doesn’t have housing, or runes of magic (where there is no free items for your house, so its a empty room with a chest), but miles behind EQ2 whose housing is a big draw into the game.

SWG’s housing also has a good rep, and was probably an inspiration to the fallen earth programmers when they were looking at adding social element to their game.

Wizard 101 also has a lovely housing system, you start with a free room and free items from quests or crafting and work your way up to amazing houses and items dropped from high level dungeons.

Free Realms, I really hope that you stole hugely from EQ2 (the videos suggest yes) when you designed your player housing.

2 Responses to "Housing"

I agree that, in RoM, you essentially get no free items for your housing, other than the mentioned storage chest. However, you can get furniture with gold rather cheaply, Quite cheaply actually.

Also you can participate in festival events and win furniture.

You can also buy game cards that have bonus free furniture.

i guess i’m clarifying too much. I do agree for the most part.

Thanks though. It gives people a better idea of what they can do as they play Rom.

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