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Free Realms Housing

Posted on: December 16, 2009

Everyone automatically gets a free apartment. If you are a member you also get a free wilds house by claiming your free housing package.

The apartment starts with blue walls and a wooden floor and a stone fireplace.  It does not start with background music.  You can have up to 75 items in the apartment which is pretty nice.

You get some furniture in the house and some free furniture. The apartment has a bed with a blue cover, a green desk and a green stool. I am not 100% sure if the furniture came with the members pack.

Items for the house can be bought with coins. Some can also be bought with station cash.

The coin furniture is rather expensive, think 1000 coins for one piece.

The housing system has stolen rather nicely from EQ2.

You can get to your house in the new interface by click on the house button. I do not know if you can get there from somewhere in the world yet as I have not found it.

When you click on the apartment you appear inside it. When you click on the small wilds house you appear outside it.

With the small wilds house your pets are outside walking around. In the apartment you can summon one pet as usual.

The small wilds house can have 250 items however does not start with a free bed and desk, so you start from scratch with what you want there. Its pretty nice looking.

You can lock your house to stop people from entering it.  If you leave it unlocked friends and guildies can come visit.

All and all I like what I see and am going to have some fun tinkering with it.


1 Response to "Free Realms Housing"

I know its awesome.
I cant wait for the new areas.

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