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Wizard 101: Housing contest and no well news

Posted on: October 14, 2009

There is a Wizard 101 housing competition on facebook.

It’s easy to enter, just become a fan by clicking “Become a Fan” at the top, and post 1 screenshot per Wizard101 account in the Wizard101 Housing Contest event by Tuesday, October 20. You may take screenshots of any area of your house, inside or outside. Players under 13 may email us their entry at community@wizard101.com with the subject line “Wizard101 Housing Contest.” Make sure you include in the caption:
• “Wizard101 Housing Contest”
• Your character’s name in game (Example: Fiona LionHeart)
• Your school of magic
• Your level
• What type of housing (Dorm, Wooded Cottage, Forested Mansion, Oasis Camp, Desert Villa, Metropolitan Manor, Royal Estate, Tranquil Cottage, Imperial Palace, Great Citadel, or Grand Fortress)

The wishing well from the test realm will not go live. This was due to it teaching kids to gamble (which is banned in a lot of countrys).

Also you can win potion refills? Cool. I never seem to use mine, I don’t think I can see the bottle in dungeons.


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