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EverQuest II Extended

Posted on: July 28, 2010

Planned for a beta launch on August 17th is a version of EQ2 gone free to play.

It will have its own server and many limitations compared to the full game.

Check out out these answers to questions on the membership matrix.

I like this idea as I did not get the time to play to sub to the full game even though I liked it. I can see myself resubbing to the full game even with this out if I got the time for it again. However this might let me try the game, and understand the game a bit better for when that occurs.

To be honest though, if you think you will really love eq2, I would not bother with this.

It has its own server, but its really limited compared to the p2p version. Less classes, no support, less races, less content, less spell tiers (so harder game), less bags etc etc. I’m not sure how fun or enjoyable the cut down version will be.

EQ2 isnt a easy game, nor one thats quick to learn, with all the restrictions, it might make something tough to get into, a complete turn off.

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