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Holiday gaming

Posted on: January 4, 2010

In lotro I have talked two friends into trying the 14 day trial. One has logged in and enjoyed it despite not expecting to. The other has just got it installed and is yet to log in.

I am also slowly decorating my premium house that I bought and swapping between doing the holiday quests for gifts and leveling. My minstrel is current 28 and I’m on the bugged (for me anyway) solo reclaiming weathertop awaiting gm help.

My guild in lotro has been recruiting so there are some around my level which is handy for grouping up a bit. It makes me want to play this a bit more to keep up with them.

In fallen earth, I have mostly been gathering and crafting. My toon now has a spiffy jacket from crafting, 3d shades from a drop, and a belt via crafting. I’ve also found that the community seems to have gone downhill a bit from the beta. I like the starter free horse, even if it moves terribly, not as nice as lotros.

I’m also thinking of looking for a casual clan to get more pointers about how to play, what I should do and shouldn’t do.

In eq2 I found I forgot how to play the assassin (level 14), and have been wandering around as a pixie?/fairy warden (level 10 now). I found their capital city and wandered into the holiday event but didn’t really know what to do. I also found the inn rooms and bought one.
Its been interesting exploring this game more since it was 2.50e

When I logged into perfect world last I was talking to my guild. Said hi and caught up on the news. The rush to try out the new classes has died down and people are returning to their favorites (including me) and my barb has wandered up to level 21. I also finished the quests for the aged immortal so she can choose to die. Some of the gear I got for my FB19 is now being worn.

In guild wars I played a little. However I don’t ever really get the holiday events for this game. I’m not sure how to get the hats people talk about. I suppose if I spent more time for week playing I would, or at least would see the point of getting a guild.
The normal quest lines and missions are still interesting however I have died a few times from being overun.

In Wizard 101 I picked up the pet for my death wizard and gave the gold to my life wizard. I’m pretty happy with my life wizards dorm room right now. All the mounts running around is pretty cool when your in wizard city but the decorations for Christmas I thought could have been better. I also checked out the statue in the water. I’m in a new area but have mostly got quests where you have to keep killing mobs until you get a drop, which annoys me. Still I find this game mini fun and like the voicework.

2 Responses to "Holiday gaming"

Getting the hats isn’t so bad. You just have to find a schedule, usually on the wiki, and show up at a specific time. this year there was a bit of a bug, some people didn’t get hats, so i think they’re re-doing it, so you can still get a hat if you find out when to show up.

i will look out for that then and try to get a hat.

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