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EverQuest 2: City Festival

Posted on: February 4, 2010

My Kerran in Gorowyn was doing the city rep quests to buy items for her Inn house. Not too difficult and easy xps. I bought the scroll stand which looks nice and the basket of raspberries.

I also claimed some of the pets that I get for free from having some of the expansions. I did the same on my fae so the pets are walking around my inn rooms now.

I finished a city collection (so many purple collectibles around i was vendoring them) also. Apparently when the city festival is in town more of them spawn. its good for low level money as each sell for about a silver to a vendor, or you can sell them in the auction house for more. I put 4 in the auction house for sale (I only have one bag there yet) and vendored the rest.

I get lost pretty often in Gorowyn, and I don’t find it super easy to kill mobs but I think I am begining to get comfortable with the game. I’m a lot less lost with the guild.


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