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You can read the may update notes now.

Have you had a chance to visit the new Pet Pavilion just off the Ravenwood Commons?
Everyone can participate, however you must be at least level 7 to enter the Pet Pavilion. If you are at least level 7 please talk to Merle Ambrose for more information.

The Pet Pavilion is a wondrous place where pets can be trained, hatched, and can even race against each other. Pets are capable of an amazing variety of tasks. The Pet Pavilion is the ideal place to learn about them!

Thats it for today. I will post the dragons tomorrow.

swimming mount

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The dragons can also swim as well as fly low to the ground. The dragon pets can too, as you can see.


Originally uploaded by warhammermer

Here is a picture of my character with the dragon pet and mount.

Syp wrote about cryptic

I think that they desperately want to become a Big Studio, and that path is through multiple game launches and cross-promotion. Hard to do that with just one game.

I’m not certain cryptic get that those big studios they want to be, polish their games a lot to remove bugs and keep working to make games fun and playable.

Looking at Sony, Shanda Interactive and perfect world. Its what they seem to do.

Ncsoft on the other hand always seem to drop a game rather than run it and grow it steadily.

So Cryptic, while we don’t like the bugs, at least your not Ncsoft.


I ran around guild wars doing quests.  I still like the hirelings and bring them everywhere. I gained some new skills.

I played some of d&d online. I like the voice acting. The fact that the dm has a voice is very cool. Definately a game for when the sound is turned on. Reminds me of guildwars, although the hirlings in d&d cost money.

In perfect world, I leveled my barbarian. Super jumping around and learning a new class. Panda barbarian for the win!

My lotro subscription is out this week, but I wont have time to play for all of next week so I shouldnt bother to subscribe until after that.

I played some dofus and confused myself.

I updated hello kitty but did not end up playing it.

I was invited to two betas and tried to download them. One more successfully than the other.

I ran around some more for the halloween event in free realms.

If you would like to help the victims of Typhoon Ondoy (and Pepeng), if you live internationally, you can donate here and if you live in the Philippines you can donate by following these instructions.

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