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I ran around guild wars doing quests.  I still like the hirelings and bring them everywhere. I gained some new skills.

I played some of d&d online. I like the voice acting. The fact that the dm has a voice is very cool. Definately a game for when the sound is turned on. Reminds me of guildwars, although the hirlings in d&d cost money.

In perfect world, I leveled my barbarian. Super jumping around and learning a new class. Panda barbarian for the win!

My lotro subscription is out this week, but I wont have time to play for all of next week so I shouldnt bother to subscribe until after that.

I played some dofus and confused myself.

I updated hello kitty but did not end up playing it.

I was invited to two betas and tried to download them. One more successfully than the other.

I ran around some more for the halloween event in free realms.

Biobreak is drawn between Champions Online and DDO unlimited.

We are waiting until Champions Online is in the game stores before buying. I have not gone for either of the subscriptions. Its not the right time for us with other real life costs.

The idea of getting different things when you buy from a particular store annoy’s my partner.  I’m not fond of it either, but its not as much of an issue. I’m confused why game stores thinks its a good idea though. It seems like its more likely to annoy then not. Want to fly at level 1? Sorry there was a promotion for that, you have to fly at 5. Seems a very american idea (elite verses non elite).

Aion should arrive from Amazon soon. Its tough to pick what I will roll first. I liked the spirtmaster class and I played that most. However my friend is playing a warrior varient and healer works so well with that.

I’ve got an invite into the Hello Kitty Beta. I was interested in this for a previous release. However I couldn’t get the bit torrent download thing working. Maybe this time I will have better luck. Its interesting to notice once again their release is around other bigger games release. Last time it was wows last expansion. This time around Champions Online and Aion.

DDO unlimited looks interesting. However right now I’ve other things I want to play. So I think its in the play later pile.

Played Guild wars again last night. I do want to get my lotro minstrel to 30 (7 levels to go) but I’m better off playing when I’m in the right mood for it.  No point playing if your forcing yourself.

In Guild Wars I finished another mission and collected enough mats for a piece of armour and upgraded my sword. I did the mission The Great Northern Wall and Fort Ranik. So I am thinking I will do some other quests and then do the next mission.

I’ll have to look at armour sets and see if I should collect towards something. Currently I am wearing this set (minus the hat).

I also leveled up again but in Guild Wars its very much a side point. Levels do not mean a lot when there is only 20 levels to get.

Playing this week

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  • Disgaia 3