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Looks cool. Video from Keen and Graev

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November 12th, is the date for the first Jade Dynasty Expansion.

New features include:
•A brand new Race
•2 new factions
•New Zones
•A Transformation system
•A Pet Capture system
•Skyblades now combat enabled

I can’t wait to make a demigod or Athan. Its going to be fun seeing two sides to the story. I know there is all the factions sides too but another angle is still fun.

From the look of the website the immortal females and the immortal males are their own seperate factions. The Balo and the Ardan. Ardan are made by the moon goddess and Balo by the gods as frontline warriors.

Before Shaw Danon, life carried on as it had for centuries. Mankind sought the secrets to immortality, and the five Factions promised to deliver those secrets. But then everything drastically changed, as circumstances of Shaw Danon’s destiny came to fruition.

Shaw Danon’s transformation into the catalyst of change began when he was just a child. The most powerful and evil of Espers, the Sinister Orb, used its power to seize control of a wayward soul, leading him to massacre an entire village. The young Shaw Danon was one of the only survivors of this tragedy. He later gained control of the Sinister Orb for his own purposes.

It is widely recognized that Bloodsmelting an Esper will make both the Esper and its owner more powerful, but will ultimately corrupt one’s soul as the Esper draws upon darker powers. For this basic reason, the Good Factions traditionally forbid this practice.

However, influenced by the dark energy of the Sinister Orb, Shaw Danon chose unimaginable power over his own humanity. From this choice, there was no return.

Because of this decision, a door that was never meant to be unlocked has been opened. Through the Sinister Orb, Shaw Danon (now known as Velonus) opened the gateway to knowledge of Ascension. Since his accidental discovery, the whispers of Ascension have spread and all Factions are scrambling to command this power.

This discovery has not escaped the attention of the Immortals, and has triggered great alarm regarding human desire to evolve into a form they were never meant to achieve. Predictably, humans have rejected all Celestial requests to surrender this power and knowledge.

Fearing a weakening grip over the Mortal Realm, the Immortals have decided to seize control over humanity by sending forth a legion of demigods called the “Athan” to restore balance.

A great crisis approaches. So begins Jade Dynasty: Ascension.

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