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Luna Online: Fishing competition

Posted on: March 9, 2010

There is a fishing competition running this week in luna online.

The river running through the Alker Farm Region has become polluted! Too many of the Blue Land’s heroes are dumping their trash in this once pristine river, causing the garbage to pile up. At this rate, soon the fish won’t be able to survive in these disgusting waters, and it’s up to every adventurer with a fishing pole to save the day!

The Nera Royal Research Center is offering rewards to any Blue Land residents that fish Shiny Garbage out of the Alker Farm Region. The first 10 players to do so each day will receive a Pet Costume Box that rewards one random 30-day pet costume item. Best of all, every player that fishes up a shining garbage during the event period will automatically be entered in a raffle to win an advanced pet of their choice. Advanced pets are just like normal pets, but are guaranteed to start with 4 skill slots, and are the only pets able to acquire the maximum 6 skill slots!

When and Where?

Both Servers – Alker Farm Region
Tuesday, March 9th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Wednesday March 10th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Thursday March 11th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Friday March 12th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Saturday March 13th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST
Sunday March 14th – 12:00am PST – 11:59pm PST

How to Participate?

Head to the Alker Farm Region, grab a fishing pole and some bait from Fishercat, and start fishing! Fishing results will be recorded and announced the following day.

How to fish?
Check this post

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