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Luna Online Fishing guide

Posted on: May 29, 2009

Handy Fishing Guide.

This guide can be found on the forums in the Gameplay guide section. It has a lot of pictures so I recommend taking a look at it.

You can fish in the fishing area of Alker Harbor. To fish you need a few things: a fishing pole and bait which can be bought from the Fisherman NPC.

The Fishercat NPC looks like a cat man in a top hat. Apparently he is at 247,269 at Alker Harbor in the farm section.

Press S for your skill window and double click on the fishing icon. Once the fishing window pops up and you have enough bait and a fishing pole in your inventory you can start the fishing mini-game. Make sure you are standing at the correct spot.

The mini-game involves hitting the LEFT SIDE CTRL key as it moves down a bar. If you hit the right spot then you catch the fish.

Note: Weather can have an effect of what you catch or if you catch anything at all.

After using up all your bait or getting tired of fishing you can turn in the fishes to the fisherman npc for fish points which can be used to purchase special items from the npc.

According to the thread the items you fish up are not just for fishing. Also hitting the bar makes it more likely to catch a fish.
Fishing can be rather expensive to do.

I have read, fishing on a windy day will increase your chance of catching a specific type of fish while casting your line in a typhoon means you’re more likely to catch other items set awash by the storm.

The type of water is also believed to affect what you catch. There is calm water, wavy water and bright water. Bright being the best for catching shiny junk and calm the worst for gold and silver fish.

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