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Free Realms: Fishing job hits 20

Posted on: January 19, 2010

I hit 20 in the Fishing job over the weekend in Free Realms. I got the fishing expert collection and one of the large ones. So I have a golden fish trophy in my apartment and a purple one in my wilds house.

I found it got pretty ok for making coins, that and the price decrease for furniture means that both houses have a decent amount of furniture in them now.

My wild house now has a bathroom area, a bedroom area, a kitchen and a dinning/tv area. I still need to buy the tv and the shower though as they are expensive.

There is also a bait that members can use that increases your chance of earning treasure chests. Treasure chests can have coins or weapons or armor. Weapons and armor can also be sold for coins.

I find the non combat jobs are easier and more fun to level than the combat jobs. However I do like mixing it up. I just must jump into instances more with my ninja job. Its level 14 now so it is slowly getting there.

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