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My Monk/Memser is now just before the Weh no Su. I have finished the Weh no Su previously on my Warrior so it will be my second time through it.

My monk is level 18 and I am making an effort to get her good amour, weapons and some heroes before she does the trial to become closer to the stars.

A good guide to Which Faction and why if your a rifleperson.

I am thinking about enforcer or vista.

*Access both Enforcer and Vista abilities.
*Great dodge contingency plans (Autumn Leaves)
*Good healing mutations (Telepathy, Empathy)
*Good secondary skill buff (Sand and Stone)

*Access to CHOTA and Lightbearer abilities.
*One shot, one kill: A vista only rifle ability that hits the enemy with a high-damage DoT and forces their stamina regeneration to 0 for a small amount of time (15 seconds, not resistible).
*Thundershot: A Vista capstone requiring 164 Sonic and 164 Rifle. Stuns your target and everything around them in a 5m radius for 2 seconds (resistible).
*Decent offensive mutation (Sonic)
*Good faction-specific rifles

*Access to Vista and Traveler abilities.
*Good defensive mutation line (Enhancement)
*Good offensive mutation line (Thermal)
*Fitness (A good HP buff, secondary skill buff)
*Good faction armor

*Access to Tech and Chota abilities.
*Decent damage mutation (Sonic).
*Good healing mutation (Telepathy)
*Good healing items (Desparado’s Medkits)

*Access to Traveler and Enforcer abilities.
*Good damage mutation (Thermal)
*Good defensive mutation (Enhancement)
*Good healing mutation (Nano)

*Access to Tech and Lightbearer abilities
*Rifle smash: A high crushing damage ability that stuns and snares the opponent (stun resistible, snare is not)
*Nullification: 164 Suppression, 164 Rifle: Shuts off all enemy regeneration, no resist.
*Fatal Setup: Drops targets range defense to 0 for a short period of time. Not resistible.

Skills that everyone can get:
*Puncture: A high armor debuff
*Agonizing wound: A snare that stops health regeneration
*Unbreakable focus: An ability that greatly increases rifle skill ability for a small amount of time, decreases ranged defense by 25% while active.
*Precise Aim: A stance that increases rifle ability and stamina regeneration.
*Duck and Weave: A ranged / melee defense stance
*Dreadnaughgt: A ranged and melee defense stance, also increases primary armors and drops speed by 10%.
*Unstoppable: A huge armor buff contingency plan.
*Buckle down: A huge armor buff contingency plan.

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