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I have finished linewood, done most of needle eye, some of kingman and part of pass chris.

What I have left to do in Needle eye is one boss quest that is too tough to solo and a crafting quest where I can not find canteen of water. In kingman I have some group quests left to do including the prison quests.

The plan is to finish pass chris and maybe do some of watchtower then come back to kingman, that or get a group.

The clans are meeting on friday june the 11th to talk about the state of the game and lots of other things.

Friday, June 11th at 7PM central, 8PM eastern.
To invite all Fallen Earth clans to join in a round-table discussion about the current status of the FE community as well as what we would like to see in the future. Hopefully, all to ensure the continued health of the community. In addition, we will be discussing current features and their impact on the game community overall.

Its clan leaders+1 so the rest of us will just have to ask someone to see whats occurs. Or maybe someone will report back?

In game I am currently questing in linewood and finished the quests for the one near oilville.

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