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Fallen Earth: Patch v1.6 7/28/2010

Posted on: July 28, 2010

New Patch is out. I like the paint and dyes now available. However I would like to have seen them make things even more colourful. However I suppose the designers do want a certain atmosphere.

Monkey town also looks like it will be great fun to check out at 30. I think I would have little to see them leave in the old Monkey town and add this new story as another town beside it. However nothing can be done there.

My clan has gone very quiet. I’ve been trying to finish off sector 1. Some of the quests are a bit hard to solo at the moment so I may end up going into sector 2 to the neutral areas then going back.

Patch notes under the cut.

July 28, 2010


A plague has wiped out the peaceful Gorillas of Monkeytown. Alpha Titus is looking for clones to uncover the origins of the lethal disease while the Techs and Vistas try to clean up the area and prevent the plague from transitioning from simian to human.

Quarantine adds all new missions, with an instance for level 30, 40 and 50 and a repeatable town event with new item rewards

Vehicle Color Customization

Want to give your wasteland wheels that true personal touch? Using the garage manager and paint kits that are crafted or found in the expansive wilds of Fallen Earth, you can create your own signature color combination. All vehicles can be painted with the exception of Promotional Vehicles.

Minor Respec

Unspend 5 AP to adjust your character’s stats and skills. These special Recombinant Injectors are available on level-appropriate Mutagenics merchants throughout the Province.

PvP Flagging

It’s now possible to flag for PvP combat anywhere you want in the world of Fallen Earth!

New Extended Tutorial

After completing the main tutorial, players arriving in their starter towns will discover a new action-driven series of missions that serve as an extended tutorial. You’ll be thrown right into the fight against deadly bandits and thugs threatening the LifeNet regen pods. Through the course of the mission series, you’ll learn some useful skills and earn your first horse!

Clan Wars

Added a new effect called Clan Wars Immunity for when players are killed during a Clan War. This effect is visible to players, removable, and only lasts 3 minutes. When a player is killed three times in a row, they become an invalid Clan War target until it expires or the player removes the effect by right-clicking on it.

World PvP Flag

Now players are able to flag for PvP anywhere in the wasteland. Enable this by typing /pvp in the chat bar.

Vehicle Speed increase

Vehicles will now travel at an increased rate of speed while on road surfaces.


Increased the DeathToll awards for Deathmatch, Survival, and Assault.

Sector 3

· Increased the chance for snakes in Gaia to drop Wasted Venom Sacs for the mission Compost Critters 3.


· Changed town guards so that they no longer attack players with low Townsperson faction.

· Fixed Reading Glasses so that they can now be sold.
· Changed Can of Flavored Seltzer to properly use the Drink effect slot.
· Adjusted Crude Brawler’s Best Shot so that it now increases Coordination and Strength instead of Dexterity and Strength.
· Reduced crafting time for Crossbow Bolt and Zip Gun Ammunition.
· Fixed Impure, Average, and Improved Antiseptic Foam so that they no longer interfere with eating or drinking.
· Added Tech Master Technician’s Helmet to the appropriate merchant.
· Fixed Acolyte’s Regen Tea so that it is now only usable by those with high Lightbearer faction, but can be traded.
· Adjusted Kaibab Vines so that they now count as Weak Botanic Chemical.
· Adjusted Primal 3 Research so that it now requires Missing Link 2 Injector to craft
· Fixed Vehicle Weapons so that they no longer degrade.
· Adjusted Liquid Armoring Solution so that it now grants 150 to primary resists.


· Changed Attribute descriptions to Perception, Coordination, and Willpower to adequately reflect their involvement in formulas.
· Fixed Mind Over Matter to no longer override secondary mutations.
· Modified Vile Strike to correctly cause weapon damage in addition to the DoT.


· Added functionality so that the correct server response message is sent when removing a clan member from the war group.


· Fixed a bug with not being dismounted properly when teleported.


· Created a Radar Map Marker for Treasure Nodes, which are no longer tied to the scavenging skill.

· Removed clutter objects from Odenville train tracks.
· Removed pylons in Pass Chris tunnel to alleviate pathing issues.
· Removed pylons from beside smoke stacks in Blackridge.
· Removed garage doors from weapons workshop in Chemtown.
· Fixed Spider Hill Street lights so that they now display properly during the night cycle.
· Fixed the Los Alamos canal so that it no longer vanishes at certain viewing angles.
· Fixed collision on crossbeams to high tension power lines.
· Added collision to back wall of Science facility in Rothium Ridge.
· Fixed Spider Hill Street light so that it no longer projects a square of light onto terrain.
· Remodeled and textured Zanesville LifeNet level.
· Fixed stuck issue in Kingman Prison parking deck.
· Fixed stuck issue for motorcycles in Wasted Woods drainage ditches.
· Lowered floating traffic cones at abandoned storefronts encounter area near Blaine.
· Raised buried swing set in Odenville encounter area.
· Lowered floating gravestones at a Judge encampment in the Northern Plateau.
· Lowered several floating junk piles fixed in Pass Chris.
· Lowered floating guard tower at the Gallows.
· Fitted door into its frame in Spider Hill.
· Fixed tower at White Crow encampment in Northfields Wastes so that nodes are reachable.
· Lowered floating trash pile near Haven.
· Fitted a door in Pass Chris to its frame.
· Added collision volumes to meter boxes attached to buildings in Old Kingman.
· Added scrub exclusion to sleeping bags.
· Fixed the hands from showing when wearing the Tech Journeyman Gloves.
· Changed the muzzle flash on the Slugthrower to represent an air blast instead of fire.
· Remodeled and textured the creeper.
· Created a Tech-built LifeNet anchor.
· Added textures to support custom coloring on all vehicles.


Monkeytown – New music, ambience and sound effects
New bonfire sound
Updated Creeper sounds
New UI sounds – Spend AP, Confirm window, PVP active, PVP deactivate, Generic button, Action activated
Added new high gear sound for all vehicles
Fixed Achievement Particle/Sound
Updated Tutorial starting area ambience
Airguns no longer play shell casing sound
Corrected air rifle sounds
Changed VO for Extended Tutorial NPCs
Improved overall mix of game music

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