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Free Realms: Language Translation and delayed release

Posted on: July 29, 2009

From Free realms insider:

Laralyn also commented on the new August update up coming.

Quick chat will be translated quickly to the user’s language – so the chat functionality is a high priority right now and hopefully free chat and the filters will be reworked as well. According to Laralyn: “We have an update coming up that will, if you think about the summer event we just had, it had fireworks and outfits and that kind of stuff. We have another one of those coming up based on our big milestone in August, which is going international and the launch of Soccer.”.

The release planned for this week with the racing content has been delayed to next week due to bugs.

This interesting information was also mentioned

Those who have been following the lore and wondering what is next will be happy to hear the continuation of the questline “Chapter one” in the new area upcoming. Along with these updates “good” or “evil” will be added functioning much like a faction system. You will not need to “pick” a side, but supporting them by finishing a quest on either side.

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