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Aion Beta 5

Posted on: July 30, 2009

Aion Beta 5 is starting tonight.

Thursday 30th noon PDT (8 PM BST, 9 PM CEST).

They are testing the new audio in this patch. I am interested in looking around the game some more. I have one character on each side past level 10, so I intend to level them both to 20 this time.

I already have a preorder so I am planning to use this time to see how I want to spend that first free month and if it will be likely that I will continue playing past that.

I don’t know what class I like best yet. Its very hard to tell what a class is like until after level 10 when you pick the subjobs.

I was trying to think what I liked best about aion. I like the art but not the outfits they put female characters in. I like the little details in the world. I find the main plot daft but I am interested in exploring it. I don’t mind the combat and find it challenging. I like the map system and the ability to find quest givers on the map. Perhaps I will see something this time that wins me to the game.

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