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Rohan: The Township Battles

Posted on: July 30, 2009

I got this email in my mail today. Apparently I am invited to:

The Township Battles
1 Year Anniversary Celebration
Winning Guilds from Minor Township Battles Receive
10 Million Crones and 30 Mind & Body Stones
08/03/09 – 08/07/09

Looking at the link to the rohan forums. Its part of their pvp activities. I’m not so interested but others might be.

Its a pity the game is so grind heavy. Even the Rohan Priest Guides seems to back that up. I like some grind in a game, but I also like quests. I like being able to swap between them as my mood or time to play changes.

Maybe I should find some other players and stand behind them and heal them. Soloing as a priest in Rohan might not be the right way to play.

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