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Vanguard: Second impressions (2009)

Posted on: July 23, 2009

I missed during my first play session that the character has different gear for when its a crafter or diplomat (and different levels) and also appearance slots. I like appearance slots. Its fun they give you them from level 1 like in Ether Saga.

Face and head are two different slots too rather than one. If you hover over the slot it tells you the name of that slot so you do not have to try to figure it out.

My sword also turns into a purple lightsaber (like the one in free realms) when I use one of my powers. I do like lightsabering the small monsters.

Looting is a bit annoying though. Most creatures do not have anything but its not smooth to loot, sometimes you end up clicking once or twice more than you need.

Crafting is complex. Again I found a vanguard crafting guide. Once I figured out with the use of the guide how to make the first recipe it became very fun and interesting.  Its like blacksmith in free realms. Its a whole job in itself with its own clothes and things to do.


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