Exploring War Like Worlds.

Telly tubby land

Posted on: March 27, 2009

Something strange happened in runes of magic

I saw that place too!

It is very cute. Not DOMO cute but very cute

He also noticed

The names of the servers are all in Irish

Smacht (Smockhd): Discipline or Grip
Macantacht (Mackanockht): Honesty
Siochain (Sheeockhawn): Peace (Yes this is a PVE server)
Tuath (too..ah): Country
Cogadh(kug..ah): War (PVP server of course)
Laoch (Layuckh): Warrior or Hero
Muinin(Moo..inin): Confidence
Aontacht(Aye..on..tockht): Unity

Which I found strange but nice.


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