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Ether saga

Posted on: March 23, 2009

My character on Ether saga hit 6.

I’m really having fun with their pet system. At 15 I’ll be able to tame other pets so I’ll see how it goes.

My character is a Dragoon Shenzu girl.

Dragoons use a Spear as their weapon and wear heavy armour. If they dps they use a dps pet. If they tank they use a healer pet.

Dragoon is a melee combat class with high HP and defense, moderate attack and hitting accuracy, common critical strike, low dodge and capable of group attack.

They are supposed to be good for beginners and fighting with the spear is fun.

To explain in the game, you start with a pet. Each race has a different pet they start with. However you can later on tame those pets. As part of the first 20 levels you will tame some more pets and be taught to use them.

Ether Saga


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