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Luna Online: 4th Major Content Update

Posted on: December 16, 2009

If you have not been playing recently you might not know the 4th major content update is out.

It went live on the 10th of December.

With Nera surrounded on all sides by powerful demons, the Priestess Luna has issued a call for the bravest warriors in the Blue Land to defend the besieged city from destruction. Rise to the challenge and unlock your next job class to defeat the forces of evil and protect the Blue Land from annihilation!
New Level Cap: 120 – Prepare for the next exciting chapter of your Luna Online adventure with 21 additional levels.
3 New Maps: Nera Harbor, Grave of Knights, and Great Garden – Battle pirates, ghosts, and giant insects as you explore new areas filled with deadly new foes ready to invade Nera Castle!
5th Job Class – Customize your character and unlock your 5th job class to wield powerful new spells and abilities! Become a Paladin, Sniper, Necromancer, and more!

So the 5th jobs are out. If your like me and its not your main game, there is more content now ahead of you to catch up.

The schedule for this week includes

Thursday (12/17)
Christmas Event – It’s the holidays in the Blue Land and time to join the residents of Alker Harbor and Nera Castletown in celebration!


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