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Free Realms Level 20 Pet Trainer

Posted on: June 20, 2009


Originally uploaded by warhammermer

I’m not sure if I mentioned but I finally hit level 20 as a pet trainer in free realms. I’m now max level in post master and pet trainer and level 18 in cook.

The last quests as a pet trainer is pretty nice. The little graduation hat for your cat or dog is very cute too. Mine is wearing that, the 1 million player shirt and the celebration shampoo in the picture.

I’m finding leveling the non combat jobs more fun that leveling the fighting jobs, however I see the fighting jobs level themselves as I do random quests around the world.

Last battle in merry vale anyone? (fantastic quest) Or the dungeon for the quest chain the the museum with the changlings (also brillant fun).

I’ve seen a few people running around as level 20 ninjas and I have to say they look very cool. My ninja job is only level 9 or so (still havent done the uber difficult level 10 ninja quest). However I do have a full set of purple ninja clothes 😀

Now if they only would let ninjas run on water. That should be their level 20 power. I’d run everwhere by river if that was the case.


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