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If you have not seen this and commented I point you towards
this thread on the state of the economy.

“So it has been over two months since the big change in sell back value of items. As far as I can tell, there have been no adjustments either way on that front. It also appears that the cost of Blacksmith, Miner, and Chef ingredients that must be bought remain unchanged. The amount of these items in the recipes is also the same as it ever was.

So.. all fixed up then? Working as intended now? This is pretty much what we can expect as far as item value going forward?”

In case you did not hear. Two months ago, the sell price of items was lowered to almost nothing, ex ore is now 1 coin, before it was something like 10-12.

However anything you would like to buy is very expensive, like level 20 armour sets, crafting mats, extra clothes

This lead to unhappiness

“Its been months, crafting jobs were destroyed and never repaired. who in their right mind would ever even bother with a blacksmith?”

“I have to admit, I’ve been a lot less motivated to level to 20 now that I know I’ll never be able to buy any of the level 20 amour or weapons. Well that’s not quite true, I could probably afford it for one job but defiantly not for all of them. And I’m not even going to start auto racing now that I know what a coin sink it is.”

Please comment in the thread and let the developers know how it has affected you.

From Pex

“We’re always open to discussion and ideas on the economy and resale values, so it’s good to hear people’s opinions on that stuff as it currently stands.

I don’t know the state of the economy at this time, I’d have to ask and see what the dev side of the project has to say.”

Current Job Levels in Free Realm

Adventurer 11
Brawler 4
Card Duelist 1
Chef 18
Demo Derby Driver 1
Kart Driver 1
Miner 8
Ninja 9
Pet Trainer 14
Postman 20

I haven’t picked up any of the member jobs yet on my main. I tried archer and figher on an alt. I was worried that if I went from member to f2p the character would be locked. I’m thinking about getting them anyway as I’m unlikely to give up membership for at least 3 months and its more likely the member job/gear would be locked.

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