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Champions Online: 9th December letter

Posted on: December 10, 2009

The Champions Online GM journal post is worth reading

The most interesting point I would say is the section I have quoted. Its not really a great sign when the players think its a bug and the developers do not. It fall under poorly described/not fun or illogical.

In other news, we’ve been compiling a lot of feedback. One of our primary areas of focus right now is situations that players report as bugs, which are actually working properly. When we receive a significant number of reports stating that something is not working right, but the developers come back to us saying “Actually, that’s supposed to happen”, this usually means there is some sort of disconnect between the intended design and the community. So, for situations like that, we try and come up with suggestions to improve the way information is presented to the player in the game. This helps the players out, by providing better explanations, but it also helps us out, by reducing the number of tickets we have to respond to with “Sorry, that’s not a bug.”

Currently there does seem to be a gap in how powerful the players want to feel against the weakest foes, verses how powerful the developers want you to be.

There also seems to be gaps in the strength your build is, verses the number of enemies in zones on or under your level.

So I think a lot of players are still following this one.


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