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The Aion festival does look cool.

Hear ye! Hear ye! All of Atreia’s inhabitants are invited to join in the Solorius Festival, a monumental celebration to honor the previous year’s ascended Daevas and their service to humanity.

The Solorius Festival is not only one of the year’s most anticipated events, but also one of the oldest. Its origin dates back to before the Cataclysm. It is a festival of communion, sharing, and appreciation. Wealth and status are set aside each year as families make diligent preparations in advance to honor the ascended. Many Atreians travel to a capital city to immerse themselves in the festivities.

There is a very nice thread here of players with holiday screenshots wishing each other Merry Solorius.


You can read more about attack of the misfit toys on the champions online website.

Clarence is Coming to Town

Tis the season for spreading good will and good cheer,
And to celebrate the holidays, The Toymaster’s here!
He stands with his toys in Renaissance Center
With missions and presents for all who will enter.

This year the season has a sinister addition
As Black Harlequin starts up his own Yule tradition.
His holidays are all about grand escapades.
But this one may leave our heroes dismayed.

Black Harlequin likes to make toys that play rough
And the Toymaster’s shop simply has too much fluff.
So the villain “improved” all the toys that were there
He even built Clarence, a HUGE teddy bear!

He worked through the night, right up until dawn
And when the sun rose, like a flash he was gone
The snow started falling, the season was nigh
And boxes appeared on streets low, and roofs high…

The champions online page has pictures of the various items and costumes you can get.

So far I haven’t tried any of the champions online holidays. However I may check in on this one if I’m not busy elsewhere.

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