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Champions Online: State of the Game February 23, 2010

Posted on: February 24, 2010

If your playing champions, thinking of playing champions or thinking of resubbing, there is a new state of the game article for you to read.

I thought it sounds like they are thinking of going the dnd or guild wars ways with the adventure packs here, however do they know that people only buy those in f2p games? CO is currently a subscription based game, so I can’t see why those players would pay for more content like that.

Expansions are one thing, hmm well who knows.

Adventure Packs
Our focus in the near term will be on creating adventure packs that can be experienced by heroes at nearly any level. We want to put out new stories and experiences that as many players as possible can experience and that also provide alternate ways to grow your hero. These are very themed in story and will be set all around the Champions universe and feature villains both new and established.

I suppose I did preorder the lotro mirkwood download for the free goat and the lower level to get a mount.


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