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Fallen Earth: Funny blog writing

Posted on: May 21, 2010

I may have decided I love Moosh’s comments on fallen earth.

There’s a book called Craft Pen. Buy it. Make pens. They’re stupid expensive, especially considering the fact that the book costs less than the price of two pens.
They don’t even have nasty ingredients, and they stack nicely in the bank for when you need them.”

“And when the time comes to leave our 2by4 for something a little less brutally unpolished, such as a sword, there will be a heart-felt decommissioning ceremony, with tears, testimonials, and a lone bugler playing the last post.”

“The shortest route between two points is via all the resource nodes.”

“When questioned, the NPCs explained that they were a little radical in their faction’s combat philosophy, and gave a good reason why (Gosh, we find firearms to be rather efficacious in ranged combat, duckie).”


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Wotcha Warhammermer,

Thankyou very much.


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