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Posted on: June 11, 2009

Crazy rough week so gaming time has been limited.

I have been playing Pokemon Platiumn and its fun. The last pokemon game I played was yellow (I had also played red and blue) but ended up getting the GBD for this.  Its a lot of fun.  Its good for small amounts, it works well when I’m traveling, its fun on a lunch break. I don’t know all the new pokemon so its fun to see them. The guide book is huge and very cool. Its the size of a phone box. One badge down, and a variety of pokemon being leveled.

Played a little bit of Free Realms. I’m mostly doing quests at the moment with some mini games for fun. I still have not managed to max out another job class.  There is already talk from E4 about the new jobs on the way and new minigames.  However I think the content they are releasing at the moment is enough to keep me amused.

Runes of Magic I haven’t logged into in a while. I like the game but I’ve been distracted by other games.

Eve, finished the trial today I think. Have not played it since monday. Its a lot of fun. I might subscribe for a month. I don’t really like the timed pick up of quests though. It does not work with my gaming < real life priorities.

Hating work at the moment, too much drama, too much hamburger management, not enough smart thinking about the job.


2 Responses to "Updates"

Timed pick-up of quests ?

I experience no problem, so long as I don’t stay off-game for 7 days, and even then you can decline 1 quest within 4 hours without penalty.

Or have I misunderstood you ?

No its the whole 7 days thing. I will try the decline thing and see if it works. Thank you.

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