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ROM: Triple XP and bonus pet

Posted on: March 19, 2010

If you log into ROM today you can get a bonus pet and 100 rubies.

All players logging in today will receive a truly exclusive Birthday Companion pet! A useful little friend, raising your drop chances once a day! Then there’s the 100 Rubies for free give-away. Should you not have logged in since yesterday, you better do. Everyone logging in will receive 100 Rubies once for every server with a level 11 character on.

Also bonus xp this weekend

Additionally all players will gain Triple XP from monster kills and quests and Triple TP for all monsters slain this weekend! Monster hunting never paid better.

I have not played this game in ages, since the launcher corrupted and I did not bother to download it again. I should download it today and pick up this prizes.

Looking at their website I see that the seriously uncool mostly naked women are there. Uber fail.


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