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Ether Saga: Mounts

Posted on: August 14, 2009

You can buy White horses from an NPC vendor in Pokari. You can buy these at level 30. It costs 100 gold. Its hard to make the gold by that level. Its slower than the cloud but you can upgrade it.

You must first upgrade the NPC horse using Fungus(which cost 50 gold each). You’ll need 4 fungus to upgrade it 4.5-4.9. Once its 4.9 upgrade it using the Whip to 5.0. It then becomes combat available.

You can buy combat ready mounts in the cash shop Ex Redmane charger.

Do not bother doing the quest “The Wings That Enchanted Me “. You have to collect 9 heavenly horse pieces. It gives you the bamboo propeller, but it only last 5 hours. So its a waste of time, money and bag space.

Like in Perfect World you can carry someone on your Mount in Ether Saga. However as far as I know they have to be the opposite gender in game. There was a request placed to change this.

To do so, click on their icon, select embrace, wait for the person to accept.

WIKI article on mounts


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how mutch dose the wings cost and were do u get them and were do u get the frog mount pls help

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