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Soo tired…

Posted on: June 18, 2009

Work is still kicking me so I come home too tired to play.

Since the eve trial ran out I’ve had a 3v voucher with the money to subscribe on it, but I just haven’t as I’m too tired to play the game.

Instead I’ve been playing guild wars a little bit. Taking baby steps into this new ruined world. So far its interesting, not 100% sure what I should be doing but its interesting. Playing has involved doing two or three quests and running about killing mobs with a little party of npcs. I’ve not gone very far from the town.

In legends of zork, I have reached level 10 but it takes very little time to play and little energy so I’m not surprised.

In free realms, I have checked in on the news and wandered around it bit. Its the sort of game thats relaxing, I know I will be back playing it soon. Depending on how long this time at work lasts it might get the eve money and I’ll get a new 3v voucher for when I feel up for it again.

Uninstalled Dragonica a few days ago. Couldn’t get it to work. No idea what I was doing wrong but by now I’ve lost interest.

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