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Earth Eternal: The Down Below

Posted on: March 1, 2010

Earth Eternal have a new dungeon out called “The Down Below”.

The Down Below is a challenge for a group of 5 adventurers in the 33-36 level range and can be found deep in Midlands on the border of New Badari and Grunes Tal.

Illia Baro had been digging for months deep in the heart of Midlands. Ancient rumors of a long forgotten castle, hidden beneath the dirt and full of knowledge and treasures of times before the great Bleakness. Every night her team dug deeper and deeper hoping to uncover the secrets that lay down below. As luck would have it, on one cold morning they uncovered what was thought to be a single stone from the ruins. They had found their castle, and within weeks had uncovered the entrance, far below the ground.

As Illia drew closer to the entrance, a coldness, colder than death crept through her bones. Her companions gathered with her and together they swung open the giant castle gates. As the mighty gates flung open, a darkness enveloped the entire group. The gates shattered into a million pieces and the word around Illia went dark.

Several hours had passed. She awoke to find herself in the dirt, injured but alive. She turned to look at her companions, but found only bones. As Illia ran back to her camp, A cackling laughter erupted from the ruins of the Castle down below. Illia turned to see, the veil of darkness enveloping the night sky had been shattered and hanging in the night sky above the Castle ruins, the shattered remains of the Moon could be seen.

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