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Earth Eternal: Patch Notes 0.8.6

Posted on: April 16, 2010

There has been a new area added to the game. You can read the full patch notes on the forum.

Island of Bastion: Anubians have invaded the island of Bastion! New players will start off on a small encampment over looking the battle and will be tasked to help defend against the Anubian invasion. Even Vet players should check it out, we used a lot of new tech that will be making its way into the game

They have also added an easy method to tell if gear is good.

Item Rarities: Equipment and items are now sorted by rarities. You can tell how rare a piece of equipment is by looking at the color of the item text.
Gray – Trash Item (safe to sell to vendors)
White – Standard Item (also includes crafting components)
Green – Good Item (useful to players)
Blue – Superior Item (rare and more powerful)
Purple – Epic (Very rare and extremely powerful)

There is also now a client download along with the browser version.

If you did not see their april fools notes, they are funny.

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