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Allods Online: Sorry folks

Posted on: March 16, 2010

Nival promised those five features:
Level cap – 42.
New location for 40-42 levels.
Cursed items. Players will have chance to receive new type of items. Cursed items don’t give stat bonuses. Instead they make attributes lower. E.g. helm which added +100 to your Luck will give -100 when cursed. Cursed items may drop from heroic instances bosses. Also one of player’s items may become cursed after death. Any curse can be removed through special ritual.
Cash Shop consumables will now vanish after 7 days after you’ve bought them.
New boss in Demon City.

I originally read this on corpse run and his upset post is well worth a read. There is also a thread about it on Keen and Graevs forum.

I think PVD said it best when he said its all about the trust. Allods Online don’t seem to have it any more.

Anyway there is a lot more free to play games out there. So the market can hop along to the next new thing.


1 Response to "Allods Online: Sorry folks"

So disappointing. Such a great game totally ruined by greed and incompetence.

Oh, well, at least I am enjoying Age of Conan!

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