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Allods eu had a new patch this week. The patch notes are not very detailed however.

Large chunks of new translation for ARO, AIRIN, and VLAD
Significant improvements in the text localisation for ISA and ZAK
Follow up work on the log files from last week maintenance.

Just to remind you if you are thinking of making a character.

After careful consideration, we are happy to provide ZAK for alternate European languages.

ISA will become our official English shard, with English being the main language to use in open chat channels.


Just a reminder that allods is in open beta since yesterday.

If you have not tried this fun game I would recommend doing so.

I may get chance to remake my characters today.

Look out for the Allods Online open beta. Characters from the open beta will not be deleted.

Allods Online will officially go into Open Beta on Tuesday the 16th of February. Anyone who has a gPotato.eu account will be able to play Allods Online without the worry of subscription fees! If you took part in the Closed Beta Test, you can use your same account for Allods Online once it goes live! All you will need to do is simply patch the game.

Playing this week

  • Guild Wars
  • Disgaia 3